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How it Works

Engage and delight your customer with customer friendly premium support.

Our On-demand Gig-workers can resolve your customers queries and ensure quick awareness engage about product features.

  • Customer Support & Retention
  • Reactivation and Management
  • Cross Sell
  • 24×7 Follow Ups
  • Pay for result only

Newly launched application requires to be launch in customer’s hand will bring you.

  • Interactive and engage training
  • Continues follow ups with feedback
  • Faster than other
  • Launch within 15 days

convert your leads into paid customer over the call.

  • Quality Control With Higher Success.
  • Leads Engagement and Qualifications.
  • Omnichannel Outreach.
  • Pay Only For Outcome.

Bulk Requirements we close 20x Faster with gig recruitment.

  • Faster Candidate Sourcing From Multiple Channels.
  • Candidate Screening Faster To Meet Requirement
  • Interview Scheduling within time period.
  • Announcements And Information Sharing with candidate.
  • Pay Only For The Outcome

Generate and close leads with our field gig workers

On-Demand field workforce to Generate and close the leads by personal meetings. Now ensure compliance field activities & premium performance with our trained field Gig-workers

  • Lead Generation
  • Audit From Ground
  • Acquisition
  • Merchant Onboarding
  • Seller Or Supplier
  • Relationship Management
  • Automated Field Routing & Mapping
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Pay Only For The Outcome
1. Select Gig Workflow To
Select domain & gig workflow to suit your requirement. We divide your objective into the quantum of gigs & map workflow to ensure the best solution
2. Curate Top Profiles To Deploy High-Quality Talent In < 24 Hours
Smart recruitment modules help decision makers to curate the best talent for their teams. Gig workers are trained and 100% certified to excel the requirements
3. Track Productivity With AI Led Monitoring & ML Driven QA Checks
Access smart workflows & AI modules to track progress, manage budget & scale up/down the program in real-time without any fixed cost
4. Pay Only For The Result
We measure the efficacy of the program and our clients pay only for the outcome. 100% variable cost results in high RoI

Why we are different

Maximise Results With Customizable Workflows
Customized workflows streamline tasks involved in different activities ensuring high quality output and resource optimization


Deploy The Best With AI Led Recruitment Engine
Integrated AI modules ensure voice quality, recruitment and training of gig workers, tasks prioritization, lead management and real-time progress tracking
Ensure Quality With ML Driven QA Mechanisms
Our platform integrates with 1000+ global CRM and dynamic Quality Checking modules. Quality and security standards are tracked and shared transparently
Scale Up Or Down On-Demand With Ease
We keep a bird eye watch on progress in real-time. Customers can flexibly ramp up/down the workforce deployed on projects
Pay Only For Results With 100% Variable Cost Structure
Get away with the fixed cost of staffing. Real time progress tracker ensures you pay only for the successful outcomes
Deploy Trained High-Quality Talent Pool < 24 Hours
Leverage 1 Mn+ Gig-workers extensively trained on voice modulation, communication pitch, and customer behavior as per industry standard

Easy Plug & Play Integrations With 100+ Tools
Our platform integrates with 100+ global CRM and marketing tools to help you integrate your system seamlessly with our platform

Monitor Progress Live With Customized Dashboards
Geo Master ensures 100% compliance, security and quality pitch for enterprises. Quality check reports are accessible live on the dashboard

Optimize Workflow For Your Industry With Data Driven Insights
Optimization & customizations are always welcome. User can customize the approach, workflows and dashboards basis data driven insights
Scale Across Geographies With Multilingual Support
Geo Master is equipped with Gig-workers to provide support in 25+ global languages. No translator, no accent improvisers, no robotics. Training keeps it all real


End To End Management To Achieve Your Business Goals
Gig Workforce is managed end-to-end with smart recrutitment, training, planning & progress tracking modules

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About Us

GeoMaster has anticipated an international in which people, organizations, and technologies collaborate flexibly to reap the cosmic increase of the worldwide industry & network together.
“GeoMaster is biased in the direction of increase”
Gone are the times when formal workspaces and stringent schedules had been a few of the numerous constraints for experts to make contributions to the commercial enterprise international. Now, each person aspires to have flexibility, integrity, an ever-developing career, and a superfast commercial enterprise increase.

master has been speculated a pivotal function in remodeling the manner personnel and companies are taking part globally to generate incredible effects operating remotely. We are empowering experts to be their personal bosses, nurture their ardor, and excel at paintings from everywhere and anytime.

Scale With a Passion and Grow with acceleration.

GeoMaster works with enterprises to take up intricate work across the service lines of Hr services, employment consultancy services, It services, education, skill development auditing, diligence, assessments, proctoring, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs, which have to be done in distributed locations in Pan India through gig workers.

What we do ?

We have built a platform to take up on-the-ground work from businesses and we get it fulfilled through gig workforce – people who have dreams to fulfill or have stomachs to fill or want to learn while making money. We take Requirement from Clients Enterprises give us their requirement. We convert that into simpler tasks – full-time work, part-time work, internships, and make them live on our platform. Gets their Work Done by Gig Workers Gig workers apply on the task, get selected, get trained in the app and then go out to work in their city to complete the tasks in the app. Client pays us & we pay Gig Workers Gig workers get paid on completion of the task and Geomaster bills the enterprise for the completed task after thorough quality control measures.

Why business choose us ?

 In India, a growing business takes up a huge risk and investment while employing and managing 1000s of workers, across 100s of cities. With no guarantee of results and no proper way to monitor the ground reality, it is an uphill task. Our outcome-driven tech platform settles this by not only setting up everything required, but also ensuring work being fulfilled across varied business functions.

What Geo Masterian says

Client feedback is the key to success

Jyoti Verma Hi, I have worked at Geo - master company for 1 years. I like the friendly environment of the company. My mentor helped me a lot to grow my career and I have learnt so many things here as a Team leader. All my co-workers are very supportive and friendly nature.

Review Text

Deepak kara First of all thanks geo master For giving me this opportunity , in Geo master company I worked as a team leader, It was a great experience working with GeoMaster it is a Great platform for Grawth in our career , many different type of work Project provided by Geo master.Overall Great Experience with Geo master Team Regards

Review Text

Surjith Gosh When there is so much lack of work in As a TL, thank you for taking care of our work and timely paid all the payment all of my candidate including me on time.this COVID situation, Geomaster arranged our work

Review Text

Yogitha Dulani My gig has been the best experience in India and it is trustable as well, I am also interested in doing the job as I am interested in telecalling.

Review Text

Suma Acharya It's a great experience working with Geo master. I really enjoyed working with the team I was working on tele calling project from home. This really helped me during pandemic Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Geo master

Review Text

Monika Rajput Haven't been a problem? Work from home was very convenient!We had worked in team geo master we loved it.And all your team is very helpful. And the team that is on your head is very helpful. And it was work-from-home so we really enjoyed working. geo Master and yours is very helpful to me. It was work from home so we really liked this work. Thank you team Geo master.

Review Text

Muskan Jain My experience working with Geomasters is amazing. I got multiple opportunities to work with various projects which helped me to learn a lot regarding service industry. The working environment here helps each and every candidate to nourish their skills and knowledge. The most impressive thing about our director is that he believes in being a leader rather than being a boss. His kindness, humbleness and motivation is admirable.

Review Text

Salma Sultan Hi , Am grateful To Geo - Master for offering many opportunities to try out, Thanking you for letting me this life changing opportunity , Your integrity is admirable , Having a best boss in the company for being awesome , and motivated .Geo - master is a great chance to work and build a Good career there after . Thanking you .

Review Text

    Recent Works

    Onboarded 1000+ properties to the real-estate rental platform.
    Problem Statement
    Decision-makers at one of the fastest-growing rental & real-estate purchase platforms were challenged by the distributed presence of property owners and long documentation in onboarding customers to the application.
    Geo Master collaborated with the organization to reach out to prospective customers, demo the app, and onboard with valid documentation. Gig workforce converted fixed team cost to variable & result-driven for the client. With the strong gig workforce and monitored execution, we managed to attain 2X more demos & 25% more customer transactions in 3 months.
    business, partners, team-4677639.jpg

    Meaningful Remote work opportunities for the Young India

    • 100% Certified To Industry Standards
    • End To End Managed By Geo Master
    • Experience Of Real Business Use-Cases
    • Experience Of Working With Global Brands
    • On-Demand Recruitment, Training And Deployment At Lightning Speed

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